Dream of Destiny Caniwergi´s 

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* 5.5.2015
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PRA-prcd: N/N - clear (DDC)
EIC: N/E - carrier (DDC)
HNPK: N/N - clear (DDC)

skus nůžkový, chrup úplný

majitelka: Andrea Kozlová

 Cool Boy You´re The Inspiration  Ch.Devonshire French Harmony  
 Ch.Sure Shot Hyspire Imressive
 Windfall´s Pipe Major

 JanRod´s Tammy Whynot

 Devonshire French Twist  Valeywood Blackthorn Brier
 Ch.Devonshire French Kiss
 Ch.Strongline´s Eye Candy  Mallorn´s Ursus Arctos  Ch.Vision I´m Able
 Mallorn´s Mm Marabou
 ICh.Strongline´s Kiss Kiss  Ch.Strongline´s Goblin
 Ch.Strongline´s Piggywiggy
 ICh. Ch.CZ Ch.SK
A´Destined ToVictory Caniwergi´s 
 ICh.Carpenny Micah At Suttonpark  Sh.Ch Suttonpark Manifesto  Saranden Saboteur
 Mileoak Cranberry from Suttonpark
 Carpenny Far and Above  Lembas to the Moon and Back 
 Carpenny Rustina
 ICh. Caramelle Cream Belle Moravia  ICh.Bradstons Under A Texas Moon  Kindly American Eagle 
 v/d Weeward
 Bradston´s Pillow Talk
 ICh.Awendy Belle Moravia Ch.Bubling Yves
Ch.Bessy z Ročkova