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Greta Caniwergi´s 

16 měsíců

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EIC N/N clear (Tilia lab.)
HNPK N/N clear (po rodičích)
prcd-PRA N/N clear (po rodičích)

 Alaric Eden loci  Upwards Joyful Jalle  Palabras Keep on Movin  Birchbrook Barley Wine of Charway 
 Tweedledum Palabras Cleo
 Upwards Camilla  Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway
 Upwards Amanda
 ICh. Breathtaking View Spatio-Temporal  Cover my Eyes Walkin on the Moon  Carpenny Scenario
 Creekwater Once in a Blue Moon 
 Kyara z Kostelce u Jihlavy  OSofinas Play The Game
 Unetta z Kostelce u Jihlavy
 ICh. A´Destined ToVictory Caniwergi´s  ICh. Carpenny Micah at Suttonpark  Suttonpark Manifesto  Sarander Saboteur
 Mileoak Cranberry From Suttonpark 
 Carpenny Far and Above  Lembas to the Moon and Back 
 Carpenny Rustina
 ICh. Caramelle Cream Belle Moravia  ICh. Bradston´s Under A Texas Moon

 Kindly American Eagle v/d Weeward

 Bradston´s Pillow Talk
 ICh. Awendy Belle Moravia  Bubbling Yves

 Bessy z Ročkova